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Basic Tutorial

Import files​

Just Drag the media files or folder from finder and drop to the Files Library. Or Click the β€œ+” button on toolbar or bottom shortcuts area.

Status of files while editing​

Β : The green dot means that the file is is clean yet, the metadata has not been modified.
Β : The red dot means that the file’s metadata has some changes to save.
Β : This wave point out that the file is currently playing.
Β : The warning stand for there is some error happens to this file.

Beside this, The Status Bar will display the current status of the editing process.

Customize of Library Columns​

Click "+" on the topleft of the library "Section Header". Or "Right Click" on the "Section Header". To Popup the customize Menu:

  • The column showed in library will be checked with checkmark in menu item
  • Click Hide Column or the checked menu item to hide one column
  • Auto Size function will resize the table column to fit with the max width of current column
  • All available tag keys in Editor Panel is listed here
  • Custom Tags is used for display custom tags in library, See Display custom tag in library

Filter Library by Tags​

Onece the number of files in your library is too much (such as hundred of thousand), The "Filter" function will be helpful to filter some files out by special tag:

The "Filter" panel may be hidden, And there is a mark image with highlight shows whether the "Filter" is on.

UI Layout​

"Music Tag Editor" support "Horizotal" and "Vertical" layout mode, Click the "UI Layout" button on Tools Bar: to Switch between "Left-Right" / "Top-Bottom" layout mode.


If you want a more immersive experience, you can click to hide the editing panel for a more immersive experience

Save Changes​

While your editing works has done, It's important to save your changes to files. "Music Tag Editor" support ways to perform save operation:

  • Click on "Tools Bar", This will save all changes to all files in Library.
  • Use shortcut key: ⌘ + S
  • Use "Save As..."(⇧ + ⌘ + S) Operation, This will pop up a window:

    And now you could choose to save all your changes to a new place.

Restore Changes​

When some tags of a music file is edited​

You can clearly noticed where and how the changes happened:

  • The status image will turn to red, See Status of files while editing
  • And beside, At Editor Panel, the red dot ● on each tab means that some tags in this tab has changed

  • And at the top of the edited tag area, a rollback button will appear which means the changes of the current tag:

It's simple to restore changes from local file​

  • Go to Tools Bar Click , All changes of all files that have not been saved yet will be restored from local files.
  • Click Restore Current button on top right of Editor Panel : to restore changes of current file.
  • Click Restore button of each tag editor area: to restore changes for current edited tag.