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Find & Replace

Find & Replace is a very basic and useful functions, On top of Music Library Section, Use the shortcut key (⌘+F) or (⌘+shift+F) to call out the search and replace interface.
In the Find & Replace module, You can enter the find text to search through all tags in all files, Enter replace text to replace with:

Select one result will jump to destinated tag field in editor panel and highlight the searched text. And you could choose to Replace to modify one tag or Replace All to perform batch replace to all files in library.

Find & Replace with regular expression

Most of the time, You can make your Find & Replace work done with normal search, But in some more complex scenarios that require fuzzy search and matching, the regular expression search matching feature comes in handy.


You don't need to do additional settings to enable regular matching, the app will automatically judge based on the entered text

Let's experience the function of regularization from an example and experience its power:
First, I have a tag named Years with value:"2021-08-18" , And now i want to find it out and change it's format to Year:2021 Month:08 Day:18, What should i do? Obviously, ordinary search and replacement can no longer achieve our purpose, Let's try with regular expression:


We split the find text to 3 parts with parentheses("()"), the first part \d{4} match 4 digitals, the second part \d{2} match 2 digitals and the same as third part, each part was seperated by "-", The whole regular expression will match a "YYYY-mm-dd" date format. Once the find text has entered, we should have found the tag:

Now let's enter the replace text:

Year:$1 Month:$2 Day:$3

The $0 means the total search result text:"2021-08-18", $1 means the first part we splitted in the find text("(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})"), $1 means the second part,$2... and so on.

Now we click Replace to complete the works:


Through this example, we have completed a seemingly complex task without much effort, congratulations!

More about regular expression

Learn more about regular expression: