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Frequently asked questions

What’s the differences between "Music Tag Editor" and "Music Tag Editor Pro"?

For historical reasons, there are three apps with different names on the Appstore at the same time, But with the purchase mechanism of the apps has changed to subscription based since the major release 5.0, There is no differences between the three apps. So you can purchase any of the app and enjoy all features and updates.

Music Tag Editor Pro is no longer available in Appstore, Can i get update with "Music Tag Editor Pro"?

For some reasons, the platform does not allow the listing of 2 apps with almost the same functions, so at present we have to remove "Music Tag Editor Pro" and keep "Music Tag Editor". But this does not affect the purchased User experience. "Music Tag Editor Pro" version 6.1.2 is a stable version, you can continue to use it. If you like the subsequent functional updates of "Music Tag Editor" very much or some updates can improve your work efficiency, then you can also choose to re-purchase the latest version of "Music Tag Editor", thank you very much for your support and trust, your Understanding and support will be the biggest motivation for me to move forward.
But there is way to transform to Music Tag Editor, Steps:

  1. Open "Music Tag Editor Pro", go to main menu, click "Generate Redeem Code", and then save the redeem code.
  2. download the "Music Tag Editor" from appstore.
  3. go to main menu, click "Redeem", and then enter the redeem code -> redeem. and then you may transfer to "Music Tag Editor" and keep update
  • By the way, You can only transfer ONCE

Why does the label not take effect after editing the flac file and saving it?

If you are editing 'Flac' file, You can try to goto Preference window -> "Flac/OGG File Tags" -> check "Use Both ID3V2 And Vorbis comment Tag format".