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Custom Tags

Basic operations

Besides editing standard tags, you can also edit/add/delete custom tags through the app, Switch to Custom Tags tab on the Editor Panel:

The tags not included in the standard tag will be listed here:

  • Tag Key is the key of the custom tag
  • Tag Value store the value of the key
  • Tag Type support "Normal Text" and "Web Url"
  • Apply to all checkbox allow you to save the custom tag to all files in library

Click Add Tag button to add a custom tag:

Click Remove Tag(s) to remove selected custom tags

Display custom tag in library

See Customize of Library Columns
Click "+" on the topleft of the library "Section Header". Or "Right Click" on the "Section Header", move to Custom Tags item:

As shown in FIG, the SCRIPT is a cutsom tag displayed in library. Click Add Tag to add a custom tag with key:

Click OK will add a custom tag with key DISCID
Now click DISCID to display it in library column.