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Cloud Services


Music Tag Editor support to auto tagging from web services(including lyric and album cover), Click on Tools Bar:

As you can see, There are 4 core functions:

  • Auto Identify Tags
  • Search from MusicBrainZ
  • Download Artworks
  • Download Lyrics

When you get tags from web services, You can specify to take effect for the current file or for all files!

Auto Identify Tags

Auto Identify will get all matching tag information in the cloud, including title, artist, artist, year, lyrics and album cover, etc. For more accurate results, it is recommended that the song artist and album fields are not empty and accurate, Because these fields is the key to search through the cloud.

Search from MusicBrainZ

MTE also support to search through MusicBrainZ mannly. When you click Search from MusicBrainZ, The mbz search window will comeup and auto search with the current the file:

  • The Track title Artist and Album fields is not required but important for searching
  • Click New Search to start a new search
  • On the left is the searched track list and the disk to which the track belongs
  • The right side is the results of tags value, you can compare the New Value to Original Value of music file to determine whether to Save to Local
  • Click Save to Local to copy the tags value to local file, Click Cancel to cancel and close window

Download Artworks

Download artworks for all files will download artwork/album cover for all files in library, At bottom right of the Editor Panel, Artwork editing section:
, Click "Download" to download artwork for current file.

Download Lyrics

Download lyrics for all files will download lyric for all files in library, At bottom left of the Editor Panel, Lyric editing section:
, Click "Download" to download lyric for current file.

Preferences for Cloud Services

You can do some customized settings for cloud services In section Cloud Services of Preferences (Menu "Music Tag Editor" -> "Preferences..." or "⌘ + ,"):

  • You can set the place inserted while artworks download from cloud service
  • Choose whether to keep the time label with lyric while lyric downloaded
  • Choose whether to download artwork or lyric while auto identifying