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Rename files


Rename files function let you batch rename files in library with specific rules using tag's value. Which make your files well orgnized in Finder.
Click of Popular Actions at Tools Bar Section. The Rename files module will come up with sheet attatched to main window:

Drag the naming labels below to the file name format input box to complete the input file name format specification, You can edit input box to do some specifications.

Apply template to rename field

Sometimes it's not enough to just use a tag field to rename, imagine a scenario: I have some local music files:

I want to remove the serial number at the beginning of the file name in batches, what should I do at this time? you can do like this:

  1. Click the down arrow in the filename block, and select Add Template from the pop-up template menu:
  2. Edit and test template rules in the pop-up template edit box:
  3. Click OK to apply the template rules:
  4. The method in the example also works for other named label fields。
  5. Of course, you can also freely add/edit/delete/clean up rule templates.
  6. Check the "Rename all files in library" checkbox to rename all files in the library using the preset rules.


We have a file named "around the", and the Track Number is 2, the Disc Number is 1.
Drag specific tag(s) from bottom input box to the Format field:

Track Number,_,Disc Number,_,File Name

Which means the file will be renamed with [Track Number]_[Disc Number]_[File Name], The Track Number of the file is 2, Disc Number is 1, and filename is "around the world", So the result file name should be:

2_1_around the world.wav

Live filename preview is avaliable in Preview section
Before you perform Rename action, you have the chance to choose whether to Repace original file or Export to new place in local drive.


This kind of rules to rename files can be applied to all files in library by checking Rename all files in Library at bottom left of rename window.

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